Company Introduction
Gyrox is an expert designer and manufacturer of computer hardware. We specialize in the production of computer chassis, power supply units, and DC fans. Made for the cost-conscious business, our products are both economic and high-quality. They are expertly designed and manufactured with great attention to detail. We are also committed to ensuring client satisfaction through our excellent customer service. 
Wide Product Selection  
Stylish and Contemporary

We offer a wide selection of products to meet our clients' many needs. Also, our changing product line means more choices for you over time.


Each one of our computer chassis is uniquely and beautifully designed. We believe that design is just as important as quality. 

Focus on Relationship Management   Competitive Pricing

As a global business today, we are focused on developing and managing successful relationships with our clients and peers. Our annual participation in Computex Taipei helps us further that goal.


We understand that your business must keep costs low, so Gyrox is fully committed to offering low prices. But don't worry - quality is still our top priority! 

​ Company History

Founded in 1996, Gyrox is based in Taipei, Taiwan. Since then, we have manufactured computer chassis, power supply units, and cooling fans. We continue to develop new products in order to satisfy growing client demands. Today, we serve clients worldwide and continue to deliver quality products with superior service. Gyrox is a long-term member of TaiwanTrade, which links buyers to Taiwanese suppliers like us.